Nexterone (Amiodarone)Premixed Injections, 150mg/100ml Single Dose Container OR 360mg/200m1 Single Dose Container.

CME BodyGuard 121 Twins Dual Channel Infusion Pump

2 Infusion Channels - Deliver 2 independent treatment regimens. 4 Infusion Programs: Continuous, Intermittent, Total parental nutrition (TPN) and Patient-controlled analgesia (PCA).

Amsafe-3 IV Admin Set

Amsafe-3 IV Administration Set features 10, 15, 60 Drops, Roller Clamp, 1 Pre-Pierced Y Injection Site, 1 AMSafe® Needleless Y Site, Rotating Luer Lock, DEHP-Free, PE Poly Pouch and Sterile.

Introcan Safety 3 Closed IV Catheters

The Introcan Safety® 3 Closed IV Catheters offers a Passive Safety Needle Shield and Multiple-Access Blood Control Septum.

Thermal Angel Ultra Emergency Pack

The Thermal Angel is an in-line, battery-powered disposable, lightweight and completely portable blood and IV fluid infusion warming device, capable of intravenous application and irrigation warming.


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