Ferno POWERFlexx+ Powered Ambulance Cots

The POWERFlexx®+ Powered Ambulance Cot delivers 700 lbs unassisted lift capacity. The cot lifts the weight, not the operator, reducing situations where operators may injure their back.

Ferno Neo-Mate

The Neo Mate Pediatric Restraint System adapts any ambulance cot to safely transport children ranging in size from 7-14 lb (3-6 kg).

Curaplex Glucose Kits

The Curaplex Glucose Start kit allows you to have the ease and convenience of having a ready-to-use set of products for checking glucose levels at your disposal.

Ferno Pedi-Mate Plus

The Pedi Mate Plus is a fully adjustable, five-point harness system that securely holds patients ranging in size from 10-100 lb (4.5-43.5 kg).

Ferno EZ-Glide Stair Chairs with Powertraxx

The EZ-Glide with Powertraxx® provides maximum safety when going up and down stairs using an electronically controlled motor and direct drive transmission with chair tracks.

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