Smart CapnoLine CO2

Patented Uni-junction™ design: assures effective oral and nasal sampling even at low tidal volumes, with no dilution of waveform during O2 delivery.

Curaplex Defib Pads

Our radiotransparent and radiolucent "one-pad system" enables Curaplex® defib pads to remain with the patient as they move through various care environments.

Ambu BlueSensor

The BlueSensor electrode features highly conductive wet gel, superior adhesion, and a large measuring area to ensure an optimal signal during stress tests and medium to long-term applications.

Curaplex Nasal Alar

This single-patient-use sensor maintains its placement on the nasal ala comfortably, without adhesives.

Curaplex Fingertip SPO2

Curaplex® Select Onyx Vantage finger pulse oximeter with PurSAT® technology captures SpO2 and pulse rate measurements - even on patients where low perfusion is a challenge.


In less than 10 seconds it is secured directly to the chest by a wide belt called a Torso Restraint which wraps around the patient.

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Due to severe winter weather, areas projected to have below freezing temperatures may experience shipping delays in an effort to maintain IV fluid and pharmaceutical integrity.


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