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Bound Tree Medical Emergency Medical Product Catalog  

Emergency Medical Products Catalog

Our annual EMS catalog offers an inclusive listing of wound care supplies, diagnostic equipment, gear bags, suction units, oxygen accessories, pharmaceuticals, immobilization products and thousands more.

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Curaplex by Bound Tree Emergency Care Product Catalog

With a portfolio of products across multiple clinical categories, our Curaplex by Bound Tree brand offers extraordinary value to meet the needs of first responders and their patients.

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Strategic Response Catalog  

Strategic Response Catalog

Bound Tree Medical’s Strategic Response Division specializes in emergency medical equipment, supplies, pharmaceuticals and product expertise for federal government organizations.

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Bound Tree Kitting Guide  

Kitting Guide

Bound Tree Medical’s pre-assembled kits provide a cost-effective, convenient way to prepare for a wide variety of emergent scenarios. Pre-assembled kits allow you to respond quickly, providing immediate care and preparation for emergency situations. 

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Bound Tree Tactical Medicine Product Catalog  

Tactical Medicine Product Catalog

With high-threat situations on the rise, it's critical for public safety providers and civilians to be prepared. Check out the Tactical Medicine catalog to see what life-saving medical supplies you may need for these types of mass casualty situations.

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Bound Tree Law Enforcement Catalog  

Law Enforcement Response Solutions

From mass casualty incidents to custom kitting options, we have a solution to meet your needs. Bound Tree is here to take the guesswork out of “choosing the right products” which will allow you to focus on what’s important…Saving Lives.

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