Pharmaceutical Advantage

Shop PharmaceuticalsBound Tree Medical specializes in emergency medical equipment, supplies and product expertise for EMS providers, supporting customers with EMS-experienced account managers, product specialists and customer service representatives.

In addition to a full line of EMS equipment and supplies, Bound Tree Medical also offers a full line of EMS pharmaceuticals and accessories, including Class II and Class IV drugs.

Bound Tree is known for leadership and professionalism within the industry. We protect our customers and uphold federal standards by complying with regulatory guidelines pertaining to pharmaceuticals. Because of our vast product offering and commitment to high quality service, Bound Tree is the leading choice to fulfill your pharmaceutical needs.


VAWD Accredited FacilityVAWD certified
Several of Bound Tree’s Distribution Centers have received VAWD (Verified- Accredited Wholesale Distributors) accreditation from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). VAWD accreditation is achieved after a criteria compliance review that includes a rigorous evaluation of operating policies and procedures, licensure verification, survey of facility and operations, background checks and screening through the NABP Clearinghouse. Our accreditation demonstrates that we are in compliance with state and federal laws and that our prescription drugs are distributed safely and securely.

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Compliant with PDMA and DSCSA Requirements
The Prescription Drug Marketing Act (PDMA)* mandates that wholesale pharmaceutical distributors identify each prior sale, purchase or trade of a drug, establishing a trail, or pedigree, for all pharmaceuticals distributed through the company. Bound Tree is compliant with these FDA standards, which helps improve patient protection by preventing the distribution of substandard or ineffective drugs.

* U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Prescription Drug Marketing Act, Section 503(e)(1)(A)

Under the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), also known as "drug tracing", all entities in the drug supply chain will play a role in establishing a national system for tracing prescription drugs and must follow certain requirements that will protect against counterfeiting, contamination, adulteration and diversion. Detailed below are some of the relevant components of the law.

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Medical Director authorization required for prescription drugs and medical devices
Bound Tree requires a Medical Director or Pharmacist-in-Charge to authorize any purchases of prescription drugs or medical devices. Customers must submit a Prescription Drug and Device Authorization form and a copy of the Medical Director’s State Medical License. For any controlled substance orders, customers must comply with additional federal requirements.


Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS)
Class II Controlled Substances can now be ordered through our secure electronic Controlled Substances Ordering System (CSOS) without the supporting paper DEA Form 222! The DEA’s CSOS program is the only allowance for electronic ordering of Class II controlled substances. To participate in CSOS, the DEA registrant must first acquire a CSOS digital certificate from the DEA. Once the certificate is received, contact Customer Service to enroll in the Bound Tree e222 program.

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Bound Tree will continue to accept the paper DEA Form 222 for those who wish to utilize this method for ordering. Please review the Controlled Substances Ordering Guidelines for Controlled Substance orders using a paper DEA Form 222.


Pharmaceutical Back Order Report
Due to the national shortage of essential pharmaceuticals used in EMS, Bound Tree Medical has created a list of the latest pharmaceutical back orders to help you stay up to date. For a list of current back orders please review the Bound Tree Back Order Report.