Gibeck® Iso-Gard® HEPA Filters

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Product description:
Item #12155
  • 22mm ID x 15mm ID / 22mm OD
  • Bacterial effciency 99.999+%
  • Viral efficiency 99.99+%
  • Dead space is 42mL
  • Flow resistance approximately 1.5cm H2O at 60lpm
  • Individually packaged
Item #28022
Iso-Gard HEPA Light is an advanced, highly hydrophobic bacterial/viral filter, HEPA class 13.
  • Bacterial/Viral filtration efficiency of 99.9999+%
  • Item Code 28002 includes gas sampling port with 22 mm ID/15 mm OD x 22 mm OD/15 mm ID connectors
  • Item code 28012 has 22 mm ID/15 mm OD x 22 mm OD/15 mm ID connectors
  • Item Code 28022 has 22 mm ID x 22 mm OD/15 mm ID connectors, ideal for machine filtration applications
  • May be used as an HME (see moisture output on chart)
  • Individually packaged
Item #28062
Uses the same, proven bidirectional bacterial/viral filtration media used in the larger HEPA Light models, at half the size.
  • High-level filtration protection while conserving patient exhaled heat and humidity (see moisture output on chart)
  • For use with adult and pediatric patients in anesthesia applications
  • Bacterial/Viral filtration efficiency: 99.9999+%
  • True hydrophobic HEPA filter, HEPA Class 13
  • Smooth, lightweight, transparent, low-dead-space housing design for maximum patient and staff comfort
  • Individually packaged
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Gibeck® Iso-Gard® HEPA Light Filter *Non-Returnable and Non-Cancelable*
Gibeck® Iso-Gard® HEPA Light Machine Filter *Non-Returnable and Non-Cancelable*
Gibeck® Iso-Gard® HEPA Filter Small *Non-Returnable and Non-Cancelable*
Product # 12155 28022 28062
Viral Efficiency 99.9999+%
Moisture Output 25.8mg H2O/L at 0.5L VT 25.7mg H2O/L at 0.5L VT 25mg/L (at 0.25L VT)
Weight 37g 34g 23g
Resistance 2cm H2O 1.6cm H2O 2.3cm H2O
With CO2 Monitor Port
Bacterial Efficiency 99.9999+%
Viral Filtration Efficiency 99.9999+% 99.9999+%
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency 99.9999+% 99.9999+%
Filter Type Hydrophobic HEPA Light Hydrophobic HEPA Light
For use with Adult and Pediatric Patients in Anesthesia Applications
Tidal Volume 300 to 1200mL 300 to 1200mL 150 to 800mL
Brand Gibeck Iso-Gard® Gibeck Iso-Gard® Gibeck Iso-Gard®
Dead Space 80mL 80mL 29mL
Connection Port 22mm ID/15mm OD x 22mm OD/15mm ID 22mm OD x 22mm OD/15mm ID