Code of Conduct

Our customers and vendors depend on us to distribute our products with integrity and in a manner that complies with all applicable domestic and international laws and regulations. By lawfully and ethically offering healthcare products to thousands of national emergency care providers, hospitals, advanced patient-care facilities, schools, universities, businesses and federal government agencies, we’re proud to say that the products we sell, help our customers save lives and help keep our communities healthy. We believe complying with all applicable legal and ethical standards is imperative to our success.

Our Code of Conduct is the bedrock of our compliance program and serves as an ethics guide for our employees. The Code of Conduct represents the industry values and best business practices of our senior leadership and is approved by our Board of Directors. Overall responsibility for this Code of Conduct rests with the Compliance Manager, with oversight from the General Counsel and the Audit Committee of Sarnova. The Code of Conduct is available for download at the link below.

Please see the attached document for Sarnova's Code of Conduct.