Advocating on Your Behalf

Just like our customers, we share the desire to create a strong EMS community, and that ardent desire is why Bound Tree takes an active role in advocating for the EMS community to congressional legislators and federal agencies. Like you, we too see issues and policy changes that could be made that would prioritize and equip EMS agencies to confidently face the demands of serving their communities.

Bound Tree has been actively advocating on behalf of EMS agencies to encourage Congress to establish grant programs specifically for EMS as well as increased reimbursements from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) for Treatment in Place and Treatment to Alternate Destinations.

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What You Can Do

You can join us to petition members of Congress to pass legislation that would create a grant program under the US Department of Health and Human Services , HR 1737, that would provide much needed funding to EMS agencies for retention & recruiting, new technologies like Telehealth, medical supplies and equipment as well as mental health support. Use this letter template to write directly to the congressional representative that represents your district.

United States House Committee on Ways & Means

Our Partners

We have been working directly with congressional offices throughout the country in coordination with the NAEMT and AAA. In addition, we have been meeting regularly with different divisions within the FDA to keep them informed and get their assistance in addressing shortages of critical medical supplies and pharmaceuticals needed by EMS First Responders. Finally, in partnership with the Healthcare Industry Distributors Association, we are advocating for priority treatment of medical supplies through US ports and transportation hubs by creating a “Fast Pass” system to insure timely receipt to EMS agencies.

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