Emergency Disaster Support Program

If your agency is in need of emergency medical supplies and equipment, call us for disaster support assistance using the hotline below.

CALL: 800-863-0953

Notice: The COVID-19 pandemic does not qualify for support through the Emergency Disaster Support Program. Please contact your Account Manager for COVID-19 specific support.

When Disaster Strikes,

you need a partner who has been there before

The Bound Tree Medical Emergency Disaster Support Program is here to help. This program enables you to call our Disaster Support Hotline 24 hours a day to report major incidents and identify medical supply needs. Once reported, Bound Tree Medical personnel will take immediate measures to assist in relief efforts.

Get Help in Three Simple Steps

When Every Minute Counts

Bound Tree Medical is the only national, EMS focused supplier in the country. We have a proven track record of supplying vital customer needs in situations from hurricanes, tornadoes and floods to MCI's. Our national presence and multiple regional warehouses stocked with products specifically for emergency preparedness make us the clear choice when every minute counts.

CALL: 800-863-0953

To learn more, contact Customer Care