UltraBrite LED Laryngoscope Blades, MacIntosh

Manufacturer: RAPID TRAUMA LLC
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Manufacturer: RAPID TRAUMA LLC
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Product description:

The UltraBrite® LED light source provides a whiter, brighter light stream for optimum illumination and enhanced visualization of the airway. This LED light source delivers up to 5x the light output of incandescent blades. LED technology utilizes only 5% of the battery consumption of incandescent standard blades. The LED light source is cool to the touch reducing risk of tissue damage in neonates.

The 100% stainless steel blade design features a full steel flange fused to a full steel heel block. The exclusion of plastic components allows for greatly enhanced structural integrity, reliability and safety. Fused elements substantially reduce issues associated with loose wiring, light flickering and misaligned bulbs.

Available in all Mac sizes all the way to MAC 5 for difficult (grade 4) airways.

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*Limited Quantity* UltraBrite® Disposable LED Macintosh Larygnoscope Blade, Size 1
*Limited Quantity* UltraBrite® Disposable LED Macintosh Larygnoscope Blade, Size 5
Product # 2145-12201 2145-12205
Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Blade Type Macintosh Macintosh
Brand UltraBrite® UltraBrite®
Disposable Yes Yes
Blade Size 1 5