Central Venous Catheter Set and Tray, 18ga x 8cm L, 4 FR

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Product description:
Used for venous pressure monitoring, blood sampling and administration of drugs and fluids. Included components: Cook® central venous catheter 4fr double lumen catheter 1, wire guide, 40cm long 1, dilator 1, catheter access needle 1, percutaneous EchoTip entry needle, 4cm long 1, connecting tube 1, needle protector 1, 6 cc syringe 1, 5mL lidocaine 1, braided black silk suture (RM1 curved) 1, 22ga needle 1, 25ga needle 1, safety scalpel 1, gauze sponges 12, CSR wrap 1, statlock 1, serrated hemostat 1, 36in x 48in drape 1, slant wire guide holder 1, Plastic clip 1, needle vise port 1, needle holder cup 1, 10mL saline prefilled syringes 2, microclaves 2, filter straw 1, chloraPrep 1, 3 cc retractable syringes 2, insertion form 1.
  • The central venous catheter is designed for treatment of critically ill patients and is suggested for:
  • Continuous or intermittent drug infusions
  • Central venous blood pressure monitoring (CVP)
  • Acute hyperalimentation
  • Blood sampling
  • Delivery of whole blood or blood products
  • Simultaneous, separate infusion of drugs
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Central Venous Catheter Set and Tray, 18ga x 8cm L, 4 FR
Product # 1611-92707
Gauge 18ga
Catheter Type Conventional
Needle Type Suture Needle Shape
For use with For Treatment of Critically Ill Patients
Fits Needle Gauge 21ga
Hub Type Straight
Type Double Lumen
Dimensions 8cm L, 0.018in Wire Guide Diameter