Emesis Bag, Blue, 6in x 9in

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Product description:

Unique emesis containment system helps eliminate spills and odor. Better than a basin, and much more convenient the centurion Eme-Bag® is a closed emesis containment system which traps in odors and helps caregivers and patients avoid unpleasant smells and mess normally associated with emesis. Biodegradable version also available - our exclusive Eco-Eme-Bag™.

  • Benefits for caregivers, hospitals & patients
  • Better than basins - captures vomit completely, helping patients and caregivers avoid smell and mess
  • Easy to use - twist closed, hook into notch, and dispose
  • Eliminates contact with emesis
  • Prevents spills and costly linen changes
  • Dispensers available
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Emesis Bag, Blue, 6in x 9in
Product # 1072-51352
Closure Type Twist Closed, Hook into Notch
Color Blue
Material Polyethylene
Application Oncology, Recovery Room, Outpatient Clinics, Pediatrics, Home Health Care, Labor and Delivery, Emergency Department, Ambulances
Graduated Yes
Latex Free Yes
Dimensions 6in x 9in