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Smart CapnoLine® CO2 Sampling Lines

Manufacturer: COVIDIEN
List Price: $12.29 - $29.79 EA
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Manufacturer: COVIDIEN
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Catalog page # 391
Product description:

The patented family of FilterLine® etCO2 sampling lines is designed for use with Microstream™-enabled capnography monitors and can be used on both intubated and non-intubated patients.

FilterLine® non-intubated sampling lines feature oral and nasal sampling as well as an innovative supplemental oxygen delivery system. One size fits adolescents through adults, and all FilterLine® non-intubated sampling lines can be used with bi-level ventilation and CPAP. For some types of non-intubated sampling lines, pediatric products are also available.


  • Integrated, single-piece airway gas sampling lines

    • Comprised of the patient cannula or airway adapter, water trap and a sterilizing grade filter that is designed to reduce the risk of biohazard contamination of the patient monitor

  • Uni-junction™ technology is designed to ensure proper sampling for patients who alternate between oral and nasal breathing

  • Oral Scoop design has wide surface area to provide breath capture even in the presence of shallow breathing

  • Oxygen flows from holes in front of nasal prongs and improves humidity of oxygen

  • Delivers oxygen flow up to 5 L/min and can deliver above 5 L/min using external oxygen delivery, e.g. through a mask, without affecting CO2 measurement values

  • Broad portfolio of sampling lines available for various clinical situations

  • One size fits adolescents through adults. For some types of sampling lines, dedicated pediatric products are also available

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Total Items Selected
Smart CapnoLine®, Oral-Nasal, Pediatric
Smart CapnoLine® Disposable CO2 Sampling Line with O2 Tubing, Pediatric
Smart CapnoLine® Plus, Adult/Intermediate
Smart CapnoLine® H Plus CO2 Sampling Line, Adult/Intermediate O2, Oral/Nasal
Smart CapnoLine® Plus Disposable CO2 Sampling Line with O2 Connector, Adult/Intermediate
Product # 177266 177669 177268 2722-43301 177653
Duration Short Term Short Term Short Term Long Term Short Term
Nasal Prongs Without Nasal Prongs Straight Prong/Non-flared Tip Curved Prong/Non-flared Tip Straight Prong/Non-flared Tip
Size Pediatric Pediatric Adult/Intermediate Adult/Intermediate Adult/Intermediate
Color Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear
Sterile Non-sterile Non-sterile Non-sterile Non-sterile Non-sterile
Type Oral/Nasal Sampling Line Oral/Nasal Sampling Line ETCO2 Sampling Line Continuous Flow
Brand Smart CapnoLine® Plus Smart CapnoLine® Plus
Disposable Yes Yes Yes Yes
Supply Tube Length Without Tubing 6-1/2ft O2 Tubing 6-1/2ft O2 Tubing 6-1/2ft O2 Tubing Without Tubing