Purelight Flexi-Form II Disposable Sensors

Manufacturer: NONIN MEDICAL, INC.
Non-Returnable And Non-Cancelable Product
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Manufacturer: NONIN MEDICAL, INC.
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Product description:
Nonin's Value Line and Flexi-Form® II sensors are ideal for extended monitoring or situations where the risk of cross-contamination is high. The disposable Flexi-Form II sensors feature an inclusive cable, sensor and adhesive wrap to provide patients ultimate comfort, while providing a disposable solution at an attractive price. Each sensor has a simple placement illustration and an attached over-wrap that acts as a stabilizer for securing the sensor in position. These single-use sensors are available for patients of all sizes.
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PureLight® Flexi-Form® Finger Sensor, 3ft Cable, Pediatric *Non-Returnable and Non-Cancelable*
PureLight® Flexi-Form® Toe Sensor, 3ft Cable, Infant *Non-Returnable and Non-Cancelable*
PureLight® Flexi-Form® Finger Sensor, 3ft Cable, Adult *Non-Returnable and Non-Cancelable*
PureLight® Flexi-Form® Foot Sensor, 3ft Cable, Neonate *Non-Returnable and Non-Cancelable*
Product # 177000P 179000I 177000A 177000N
Cable Length 3ft 3ft 3ft 3ft
Life Stage Pediatric Infant Infant Neonate
Weight >10kg 2 to 20kg >30kg <2kg
Sensor Type Finger Toe Finger Foot
Brand PureLight® Flexi-Form® PureLight® Flexi-Form® PureLight® Flexi-Form® PureLight® Flexi-Form®
Disposable Yes Yes Yes Yes