Adjustable Peep Valves

Manufacturer: AMBU
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Manufacturer: AMBU
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Catalog page # 83, 96
Product description:

The Peep Valve features:

  • Adjustable from 0 - 20 cm H2O 
  • Has calibration marks at 5, 10, 15 and 20 cm water
  • Not gravity dependent and will work in any position
  • Designed to provide unique resistance characteristics when used with manual resuscitators, ventilators, anaesthesia machines and CPAP systems where specified by the manufacturer
  • Ambu PEEP valves can be fitted directly to the patient valve of any original Ambu resuscitator without additional connectors

Available in two configurations:

22 mm and 30 mm I.D.

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Ambu® Disposable PEEP Valve, with 22mm Adaptor, 0 to 20cm Size
Ambu® Disposable PEEP Valve, with 30mm Adaptor, 0 to 20cm Size
Product # D4177 D4175
With 22mm Adaptor 22mm Adaptor
Life Stage 0 to 20cm 0 to 20cm
Brand Ambu® Ambu®
Disposable Yes Yes