Choking Manikins

Manufacturer: SIMULAIDS, INC.
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Manufacturer: SIMULAIDS, INC.
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Product description:
Choking emergencies are not selective when it comes to age groups, so Simulaids brings to you three generations of choker models from which to chose.
  • Full body infant comes with one foreign body to simulate choking
  • Manikin functions on the principle of clearing a blocked airway with forced air generated with the proper procedure
    • Abdominal thrusts or back blows
  • Once the object is lodged in the airway, the student must use the anatomical landmarks to decide where to place their hands and to decide how much pressure is required to accomplish the maneuver
  • With the appropriate force applied, the students are rewarded with the visual confirmation of an expelled object
  • Size: Infant, Child, Adult
  • Choking Manikin Torso
  • Rib cage
  • Xiphoid process
  • Suprasternal notch to provide anatomical reference
  • Foreign body for airway obstruction
  • Shirt
  • Soft carry bag
Dimensions: 17in x 10in x 8in
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Choking Manikin Torso w/ Carry Bag, Child
Choking Manikin Torso w/ Carry Bag, Obese Adult
Choking Manikin Torso w/ Carry Bag, Infant
Choking Manikin w/ Carry Bag, Adult
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Material Vinyl
Life Stage Child Obese Adult Infant Adult
Weight 4lb 20lb 8lb 16lb
Dimensions 17in x 10in x 8in 30in x 21in x 13in 28in x 17in x 10in 30in x 17in x 10in
Mankin Type Choking Choking Choking Choking