Ambu® Disposable Pressure Manometer

Manufacturer: AMBU INC.
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Manufacturer: AMBU INC.
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Product description:
Ambu® Disposable Pressure Manometer features:
  • Compatible to ventilation equipment
  • Slim design for optimal view of the patient
  • The single patient use concept offers minimized risk of cross contamination
  • Ambu Disposable Pressure Manometer is made from a SEBS material. Using this material the product does not contain any PVC or natural rubber Latex
  • Suitable for use with Ambu resuscitators or other resuscitators, hyperinflation bags, CPAP masks or circuits
  • The manometer has a color coded scale to give enhanced visual support during ventilation. The correct ventilation pressure must be determined by the medical professional. The color coding scale is only for visual support. 

Dimensions: 55mm Length

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