QuickTrach II Cuffed Cricothyrotomy Set, Plastic Tube

Manufacturer: VBM MEDICAL INC
Manufacturer: VBM MEDICAL INC
Thin cuff seals trachea and allows efficient ventilation with aspiration protection. Stopper and safety clip reduce the risk of posterior tracheal wall injury. Anatomically shaped cannula adjusts to the trachea due to "memory effect".
  • Necktape - for safe fixation, from soft foam material
  • Safety clip - The plastic cannula is pushed forward until the safety clip clicks into position. The safety clip is firmly fixed at the connector and therefore avoids that the metal needle is pushed out of the cannula again by mistake
  • Stopper - prevents the needle from being inserted too deep and therefore reduces the risk of posterior tracheal wall perforation
  • Metal needle - specially grinded needle tip only cuts 2mm and dilates to 4mm (adult size), No scalpel incision necessary
  • Cuff - allows sufficient ventilation with aspiration protection, cuff is made of ultra-thin material and is very robust
  • Memory effect - After complete removall of the metal needle the anatomically shaped cannula adjusts to the trachea due to the memory effect
  • The needle tip is covered by the plastic cannula and therefore does not cause injury to the posterior tracheal wall
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