King Vision™ aBlade™ Video Laryngoscope Kit

Manufacturer: AMBU INC.
List Price: $2,189.99 EA
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Manufacturer: AMBU INC.
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Product description:
The King Vision® video laryngoscope has advanced imaging technology and ergonomic design.

  • The King Vision display is light weight, self-contained, battery operated and water resistant. The robust, full-color, smudge proof, non-glare display can resist repeated cleaning and normal use wear and tear. Display comes with 1 year warranty.
  • The reusable display and video adapter come packaged in a protective case
  • aBlades are individually packaged making King Vision very portable. The disposable blades allow for economical use of the King Vision® for most intubations
The Kit Includes: 
  • Reusable digital display
  • 4 channeled & 2 standard aBlades
  • An adult aBlade adapter
Please note: Blades are only for use with the aBlade adapter.
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