ProVu® Single-use Video Laryngoscope Handle with Mac Blades

Manufacturer: FLEXICARE INC.
Manufacturer: FLEXICARE INC.

The ProVu® Video Laryngoscope is ideal for elective and unanticipated difficult airways. Minimize complications with white LED light and a 60 degree field of view for an improved view, with blackout and blind-spot reduction technology. Apply familiar airway management techniques with confidence while sharing a better view.


  • Blade Type: Mac Blade
  • Blade Sizes: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Material: Metal Blade
  • 12mm height; improves visualization of the airway, increases maneuverability and working space
  • Handle provides significant grip and comfort
  • Handle and blade are single-use
  • Anti-fog design reduces need for warm up time
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