Curaplex® DART

Manufacturer: CURAPLEX
Manufacturer: CURAPLEX

Deliver medications quickly and painlessly with the DART. Atomized medication delivery results in therapeutic onset of action similar to intravenous delivery - with minimal pain or delays associated with starting an IV.


  • Measure and deliver with accuracy
  • No IV line needed
  • Available for all ages
  • Average Particle Size: 50μm
  • Syringe Accuracy (DART100): ± 5%
  • System Dead Space: 0.16mL
  • Diameter: 0.19in (at the widest point on the tip)
  • Compress the syringe with brisk pressure to maximize the atomization
  • Utilize both nostrils to increase the treated surface area
  • Mucous, blood, and vasoconstrictors reduce absorption of medication
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