Vacuum Spine Board, Pediatric

The Pediatric Vacuum Spine Board offers quick, comfortable and easy full body immobilization for small patients. Multi-chamber system prevents the beads from shifting during use. Specially designed pelvic strap system allows the rescuer to adjust the pelvic straps to the right Level with unique "click on" fasteners.

Features color-coded straps/buckles and cushioned lifting handles. 1/2 inch standard fitting two-piece valve system with valve adapter for portable suction units. Includes a full-length measuring guide printed onto the Pedi VSB to aid in the calculation of pediatric medication dosages. MRI compatible and X-ray translucent. Lifetime guarantee on all workmanship, manufacturing, and valves. Ten-year warranty on all heat-sealing and non-replacement parts. PVC free.

Includes Hand/Foot Vacuum Pump and Carrying Case
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