Manufacturer: TRANSLITE
Manufacturer: TRANSLITE

With Veinlite® products, you can locate and access veins within seconds – even in the most difficult patients whether due to their age, weight, or skin tone.

Veinlite LED+® features:

  • Newest and most versatile vein access tool
  • Suitable for use on adults and children
  • Invaluable tool for dentists performing IV access and PRF procedures

Veinlite EMS PRO® features:

  •  Veinlite EMS Pro®
  •  2 AA Alkaline batteries
  •  50 disposable plastic covers
  •  Light shield
  •  Pediatric adapter

Veinlite PEDI® features:

  • For Neonates (0-24 months)
  • Veinlite PEDI® is clinically proven on children
  • Veinlite PEDI®
  • Small 3 volts Lithium battery
  • 50 disposable plastic covers
  • Light shield
  • Neonate adapter
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