Curaplex® CuraSlide™ XC Safety IV Catheters

Manufacturer: CURAPLEX
Manufacturer: CURAPLEX

The CuraSlide™ XC contains all of the features and benefits as its counterpart, the CuraSlide™, but with the added benefit of PUR (polyurethane) catheter material. This material provides a softer, more comfortable patient experience, and a longer in-dwelling performance for the catheter.

The cost-effective Curaplex® CuraSlide™ IV catheter is designed to allow caregivers easy and safe IV access. The specially designed beveled needle provides smooth, painless insertion. The clicking lock mechanism ensures safety from cross-contamination.


  • Fully encapsulating needle shield with clicking lock safety mechanism
  • Ergonomically designed thumb grip
  • Gently tapered catheter tip
  • Large-volume chamber
  • Designed to help healthcare workers protect themselves from exposure to blood borne pathogens via needlestick injuries
  • Provides smooth transition from needle to catheter
  • Allows for a variety of user techniques to aid insertion
  • Provides clear visual conformation through flashback
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