QinFlow Warrior Compact Disposable

Manufacturer: QINFLOW
Manufacturer: QINFLOW

After connecting the Compact Disposable Unit (CDU) to the blood/IV bag and to the base unit (either directly or with an extension cable) and flushing the air out, near freezing blood/IV fluids will be warmed to body temperature in a few seconds.

The fluid path is aluminum-free. It is composed of a 7.2ft medical grade stainless steel coil and PVC tubing (19mL priming volume).

Temperature sensors are attached along the fluid path. The sensors communicate the blood/IV fluids temperature to the Base Units a few hundred times per second. Based on these readings, the base unit continuously assesses whether to increase, decrease, or keep the warming level intact so as to secure 38°C output (±2°C).

For use with QinFlow Warrior Lite and Warrior configurations


  • Dimensions: 2.84in L x 4.63in W x 2.70in H
  • Weight: 0.23lb
  • Priming Volume: 19mL
  • Material: Stainless steel coil, PVC tubing, EPP casing
  • Disposable
  • Contains Latex
  • Non-sterile
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