AED Practi-TRAINER® Training Pads

Manufacturer: WNL PRODUCTS
Manufacturer: WNL PRODUCTS

Practi-TRAINER® AED Training Pads are designed to give trainees a realistic experience that’s as realistic as possible. With high-quality materials and intuitive design, these pads are an ideal choice to be fully prepared for an emergency.


  • Dimensions:
    • Child: 6in L x 3.75in W x 0.25in H
    • Adult: 7.5in L x 4.5in W x 0.25in H
  • Life Stage: Adult, Pediatric
  • For Use With: AED Practi-TRAINER®, Practi-TRAINER Essentials®
  • Non-disposable
  • Latex-free
  • Adhesive is safe for most manikins
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