Single-use Pivoting Blade Assembly, Purple, For Clipper 2744-96610

Manufacturer: SOLVENTUM
Manufacturer: SOLVENTUM
Single-use blades help reduce the risk of cross-contamination and are easy to snap on for use and pop off for disposal.
  • The only surgical clipper with a pivot head design
  • Pivoting blade conforms to body contours, skin folds and creases
  • Away-from-the-skin cutting blade minimizes potential for nicks or cuts
  • Has a nick rate of <1%, compared with other clippers’ higher nick rates
  • Accommodates flat and angled clipping styles
  • Cuts through all types of head and body hair in a single pass
  • Clean by rinsing or wiping with disinfectant
  • Also available, the 3MTM surgical clipper specialty Blade 9690 for head and heavy body hair removall
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