Ambu® WhiteSensor Electrodes

Manufacturer: AMBU INC.
Manufacturer: AMBU INC.

The Ambu® WhiteSensor WS features a highly conductive solid gel with strong adhesion to ensure a good signal quality during short-term ECG monitoring applications.

Due to the flexible foam backing material, the electrode ensures ease of use and comfort during application.

WhiteSensor Electrodes feature:

  • Disposable, hypoallergenic white foam
  • Center snap, solid gel
  • A non-sensitizing, acrylic copolymer coated foam
  • Foam coating has been increased and this extra coating per square mm of adhesive maximizes adhesion under diaphoretic and stress conditions
  • Soft conformable electrode
  • Centered snap with conductive solid gel column
  • Strong medical grade adhesive
  • Maximum adhesion under diaphoretic and stress conditions
  • Designed for difficult adhesion conditions that occur in extended patient monitoring or when excessive moisture may be a problem
  • Available in packs of 3, 4, 5, 10, 30, 50 and 60
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