EtCO2/O2 Nasal-Oral Divided Cannula, Adult, 7ft O2 Line, 6ft EtCO2 Line

Manufacturer: AIRLIFE
Manufacturer: AIRLIFE

EtCO2/O2 Oral/Nasal Divided Cannula.

  • Orange reflective connector compatible with leading capnography monitors
  • Divided capnography cannulas provide true EtCO2 sampling and proven O2 delivery without limitations at higher O2 rates
  • Hydrophobic 0.22 micron filter
  • Nafion tubing options for moisture management; ideal for long term patient use
  • Thread grip O2 connector


  • Disposable
  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Patient Size: Adult
  • Tubing Length: 7ft O2 Line, 6ft EtCO2 Line
  • Type: EtCO2/O2 Sampling Line
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