Smart CapnoLine® Plus Cannula, 6.5ft Tubing, Adult

Manufacturer: STRYKER
Manufacturer: STRYKER

Smart CapnoLine® EtCO2 circuits are ideal for non-intubated applications such as monitoring ventilatory status in asthma, bronchospasm, COPD, and procedural sedation–situations where oral ventilation can occur and cause inaccurate readings with nasal only lines. The "smart" design facilitates a crisp continuous waveform and accurate data for patients alternating between oral and nasal breathing. Smart CapnoLine® monitors exhaled EtCO2 from oral and/or nasal ventilation. Duration of use is up to twelve hours.

Key Applications: Procedural Sedation, Upper GI Procedures, MAC, RMS, BD, Rapid Response Teams.


  • Color: Clear, Orange
  • Patient Size: Adult
  • Tubing Length: 6.5ft
  • Non-intubated, Without Oxygen Delivery
  • Single Use
  • Disposable
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