740SELECT™ Series of Vital Signs Monitors

Manufacturer: Zoe Medical. Inc.
Manufacturer: Zoe Medical. Inc.

The newest addition to Zoe Medical's line of patient monitors brings together industry-leading technology for vital signs monitoring into a highly configurable, affordable package. The 740 SELECT™ is designed for use in a wide variety of patient care settings, providing the clinician with a high degree of flexibility and confidence to manage multiple workflows from a single platform.


  • Motion Tolerant Performance - maintains accurate measurements during transport
  • Optional carry case provides access to monitor with storage for accessories
  • Carry case allows accessories to remain connected to monitor while being stored in compartments
  • Carrying handle and rugged design make the 740 SELECT both portable and durable
  • Quickstart mode - allows fast access to monitoring patient
  • Best-in class sidestream and mainstream CO2 technology
  • Adult, Pediatric and Neonate (with separate profiles)
  • Optional strip chart recorder
  • Print on alarm and save functions
  • High quality ECG waveform
  • Masimo Rainbow Parameters
  • SpCO (Carbon Monoxide)
  • PVI (Pleth Variability Index)
  • RRa (Acoustic Respiration)
  • Supports ambulance mounting options


  • Weight: 4.7 lbs / 2 kg
  • Battery life: 12 hours
  • Power requirements: Li-Ion Battery, 12 Hour Run Time (continuous SpO2, NIBP/ temperature every 15 minutes)
  • Display type: Bright 7in Touchscreen, Wide Viewing Angle, Antiglare Coating, Auto Dim

Available in a wide array of configurations below.

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