Adhesive Thermometer Crystaline Strip *Non-Returnable*

Manufacturer: SHARN, INC.
Manufacturer: SHARN, INC.
Sharn forehead temperature indicators have been used on more than 65 million surgical patients. Easy to use, non-invasive and inexpensive, Sharn temperature indicators are a reliable alternative to electronic probes. Leave them on during your patient's stay in PACU for easy monitoring. These temperature indicators are adjusted to display the equivalent of core temperature. Crystaline® forehead indicators are ideal for use with laryngeal mask airways, and mac, or regional anesthesia when you don't have to intubate.
  • Core adjusted: 92 to 106°F; 33 to 41°C
  • Stays with patients from pre-op to PACU
  • The reliability of an electronic probe without the electronics or the probe
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