FilterLine® Intubated Patient Sampling Line, 14ft L, Adult/Pediatric


The FilterLine set circuit is a one-piece design, ideal for quick application in emergency intubations. By combining a FilterLine EtCO2 circuit with a microstream airway adapter, the FilterLine set eliminates time consuming assembly and monitor setup. Compatible with LifePak® 12, LifePak® 15 and Philips MRx.

  • 2-port design - reduces clogging from moisture and secretions
  • Airway adapter - captures accurate readings with small sample lines
  • Built-in water trap with hydrophobic filter - prevents moisture from entering the monitor while maintaining the laminar flow and excellent waveform
  • Universal airway adapter size for connections to both 15mm or 22mm endotracheal or tracheostomy tubes, ventilator circuits, closed suction systems and other devices
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