GO-PAP™ Disposable Emergency CPAP Device, Nebulization Canister w/o Neb Adapter, Cap Style, Adult Medium Mask

Manufacturer: PULMODYNE
Manufacturer: PULMODYNE

The GO-PAP is a disposable emergency CPAP device, that runs off of the barbed valve outlet on an O2 source. It operates at 10LPM and like our O2-MAX™ delivers approximately 30% FiO2. You also get the option of 5, 7.5, and 10cm of PEEP. The PEEP Settings are independent of flow, so you never have to worry about adjusting your flow to maintain your PEEP levels. This eliminates the need to read from confusing charts, or monitor manometers.

Just set it and forget it, and concentrate on caring for your patient. The GO-PAP System Includes:

  • GO-PAP generator
  • O2 Supply line
  • BiTrac ED™ mask and headstrap
  • OmniClip™
  • Nebulizing canister
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