AirLife® Valved Tee Adapters


Valved tee adapters make it easy to deliver aerosolized medication to your ventilator patients. Used in conjunction with a nebulizer, the valved tee adapter offers a safe and convenient way to introduce medication into the circuit. Unlike other tee adapters that require time-consuming and potentially hazardous breaks in the system, the valved tee adapter becomes a permanent part of the ventilator circuit. Its spring-loaded valve opens and closes the circuit during nebulizer insertion and removal. Because the adapter maintains a closed system, the risk of condensate being accidently sprayed into the air is greatly reduced. Choose from three sizes for placement at different locations in the circuit. With spring-loaded valve and cap. Include 18mm base.

  • Simplify delivery of aerosolized medication to ventilator patients
  • Reduce risk of circuit pressure loss
  • Provide a closed system to minimize risk of contamination
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