LSP Portable Resuscitator Kit, Hard Case

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Product description:

The LSP portable resuscitator is a quickly accessible and efficiently organized airway management system designed for the EMS professional. The LSP portable resuscitator is an effective system to resuscitate a nonbreathing patient while performing CPR, or to provide 100% oxygen to a breathing patient on demand with minimal inspiratory effort. There are no adjustments to make or dials to set. Simply connect the desired resuscitation device and open the cylinder valve and the resuscitator is ready for use.


  • Oxygen regulator's low flow selections provide accurate low flow delivery from 0-25 lpm
  • Kit is housed in a highly-visible orange plastic case with an integrated handle
  • Case securely holds either a D (M-15, 425 liters) or a Jumbo D (M-22, 640 liters) oxygen cylinder
  • Lightweight case is buoyant and will float in water for a short period of time, allowing immediate retrieval
  • Two-piece hinged door allows easy access to the oxygen regulator
  • Made of high-density polyethylene plastic with recessed stainless steel hinges
  • Case is impervious to corrosive materials, chemicals and adverse weather conditions
  • Hinges, latches and the plastic case are designed to withstand rugged use and provide years of trouble-free service
    • When necessary, latches are easily replaced


  • Oxygen regulator 0-25lpm with gauge
  • Hose barb outlet
  • Oxygen therapy mask, adult, disposable
  • Cylinder wrench or handwheel
  • Molded carrying case 
Oxygen Cylinder not included
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