EL3000 NATO Wheeled Litter Carrier, Military Green

Manufacturer: FARETEC, INC.
Manufacturer: FARETEC, INC.

The Litter Carrier is a light, stable device, equipped with two large non-pneumatic wheels designed for transporting injured persons on rugged terrain. These flat-free tires keep the unit mobile at all times, without the need for a pneumatic pump. When the supporting legs are in the transport position the patient is easily moved by one or two persons. When the supporting legs are in the “static” position the litter carrier is a steady and stable support for the patient. When not in use, the Litter Carrier is easily folded to a compact size for storage. The EL3000 Military Litter Carrier has proved very useful for transporting and moving injured patients (or materials) inside field hospitals and field hospital areas, AMPs, or to provide access to helicopter pads or airlift areas in typical large-scale emergency or natural disaster scenarios.


  • Transport patients or supplies quickly with just one bearer, over a variety of terrain. This will save personnel time and energy in the field.
  • Metal Hand Wheel system: Allows for quick adjustment that will secure any sized litter or backboard. Intuitive design allows for one handed adjustment.
  • Puncture Free SKYWAY Wheels: include solid inserts to prevent flat tires. These are equipped with Quick Release Pins that allow the carrier to be assembled and disassembled in under 30 seconds.
  • Temporary Hospital Bed: Can be used wherever necessary as a temporary hospital bed


  • Weight: 21Kg (46.29 lbs.)
  • Dimensions Open: 158cm L x 62cm W x 86cm H
  • Dimensions Closed: 52cm L x 62cm W x 84cm H
  • Powder Coated Steel. Cataphoresis paint process
  • Weight Limit: Current Max test level, 500 lbs
  • Stainless Steel Fittings
  • Assembles/Disassembles in under 30 seconds
  • Color: Military Green 
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