Quickdraw® Suction Units

Manufacturer: SSCOR, INC.
Manufacturer: SSCOR, INC.

At less than three pounds, the Quickdraw® is compact and light enough to fit in an airway bag, and can be readily transported to the patient’s side. There is no need to manually pump the Quickdraw®, making it easier to control the catheter tip and clear the airway. The canister is equipped with a short and wide fluid path, enabling the Quickdraw® to evacuate thick, chunky fluids more quickly. Includes DC power cord and canister.


  • Dimensions: Canister Stored: 10.5in L x 4.5in W x 4.25in H; Canister In Use: 16in L x 4.5in W x 4.25in H
  • Weight: 2.6lb
  • Vacuum Pump: 12V DC oil-less diaphragm, 0.8A; exceeds 500 mmHg negative pressure
  • Regulator: Vent port on canister; when open it reduces vacuum to 120 mmHG +/- 15%
  • Canister: 300cc capacity, hydrophobic filter, 99.98% bacterial effective
  • Powered by Alkaline Batteries
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