SAM Junctional Tourniquet

Manufacturer: SAM MEDICAL
Manufacturer: SAM MEDICAL

The SAM® Junctional Tourniquet for hemorrhage control is designed to control bleeding in areas where standard tourniquets would not be effective, such as with IED/Blasts or high level amputations.

The Target Compression Device (TCD) is placed at or proximal to the injury site and inflated until the bleeding stops. Two TCDs can be used to occlude blood flow bi-laterally if needed.


  • Patented buckle maintains correct base force to eliminate slack
  • "Click" provides clear feedback to confirm when to secure strap to Velcro for correct application
  • Large, repositional and/or removable Target Compression Device (TCD) ensure easy targeting
  • A relief valve prevents over-inflation
  • Removable hand pump quickly inflates the TCD to achieve hemorrhage control
  • Quick application (typically under 25 seconds with training)
  • Clinically proven to provide the prescribed safe and effective force for pelvic stabilization.
  • Inguinal hemorrhage
  • Axilla hemorrhage
  • Pelvic immobilization
  • <25sec application time
  • Easy to Use
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