Metered Dose Inhaler Training Devices


Metered dose inhalers (MDIs) are hand-held devices that utilize propellants which are pressurized to deliver doses of medication to a patient's lungs. Extremely useful and critically important to public health, these delivery devices are designed to administer a variety of active ingrediants for a range of medical conditions.

Using MDI correctly means a responder can provide treatment for a patient in respiratory distress. Correct facilitation means the medication being administered has a better chance to reach the small airways, which increases the medication's effectiveness. Using a good technique can also help reduce the side effects of medications. The MDI Training Kit is a key tool for education.

The placebo canisters are filled with propellant only, no medication, so the trainees can practice administration on themselves and others safely. Each canister contains approx. two hundred metered doses.

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