V-Care™ Manual Resuscitators BVM

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Product description:

Ventlab’s V-Care™ Bag features:

  • Provides optimum tactile sensitivity during manual resuscitation/ventilation to accurately assess lung compliance
  • The bag body is ultra soft silicone with a quick rebound capacity
  • Single use 
  • Accurate pressure delivery helps reduce gastric insufflation, thus preventing vomiting, aspiration and resulting pneumonia
  • Patient port swivel allows clinician to easily move around patient while maintaining proper resuscitation
  • Red fits-all O2 tubing connector enables quick visualization of proper O2 connection
  • Ultra soft pliable silicone bag body provides excellent tactile feel of lung compliance
  • Three oxygen reservoir styles available
  • Select from a variety of components to assemble a custom resuscitation bag to meet your unique patient needs
  • Resuscitation/ventilation bag available in four sizes
  • Available with or without integrated pressure manometer


  • Inflatable Vent Mask proportionately sized
  • O2 Resuscitation Bag
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Life Stage
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Body Mass
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Total Items Selected
V-Care™ Manual Resuscitator W/ Size 1 and 2 Blow Molded Masks, Neonatal
V-Care™ Manual Resuscitator w/ Corrugated Tubing, Infant
V-Care™ Manual Resuscitator w/ Inflatable Bag, Pressure Port Adapter, Manometer, Infant
V-Care™ Manual Resuscitator w/ Pressure Port Adapter, Small Infant and Infant
V-Care™ Manual Resuscitators BVM, D1 Neonatal and D2 Infant Mask
V-Care™ Manual Resuscitator w/ Pediatric, Infant and Small Child Masks
V-Care™ Manual Resuscitator w/ Manometer, Pediatric
V-Care™ Manual Resuscitator w/ Vinyl Bag Reservoir, Pediatric
V-Care™ Manual Resuscitator w/ Bag Reservoir, Infant, Pediatric, Small Child and Child
Product # 87-VN3106MC-M12V 87-VN3000MCEA 87-VN3100MBEA 87-VN3100MB-2 87-VN4100MBD12R1 2355-20023 87-VN2100MB 87-VN2000MBEA 87-VN2000MB-D234
DEHP-Free No No No No No No No No
Life Stage Neonatal Infant Infant Infant Small Child Pediatric Pediatric Pediatric Pediatric
Stroke Volume 150 to 170mL 150 to 170mL 150 to 170mL 330 to 340mL 600 to 630mL 600 to 630mL 600 to 630mL 600 to 630mL
Latex Free Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Brand V-Care™ V-Care™ V-Care™ V-Care™ V-Care™ V-Care™ V-Care™ V-Care™
Body Mass ≤10kg ≤10kg ≤10kg ≤22kg ≤40kg ≤40kg ≤40kg ≤40kg
Disposable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Capacity 300mL 300mL 300mL 550mL 1000mL 1000mL 1000mL 1000mL