Polyskin II Transparent Dressings

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Polyskin™ II transparent dressings consist of a thin polymer film coated with a hypoallergenic adhesive. Polyskin II transparent dressings are supplied as sterile, oxygen and moisture vapor permeable dressings. The transparent film is impenetrable to water and bacteria. Polyskin II transparent dressings are placed with a simple, effective delivery system which allows for one-handed application. The acrylic adhesive performs well in wet and dry conditions which results in fewer dressings changes.

  • Simple one-handed application with a patented two-tab delivery system
  • Rounded edges help to prevent roll-up and decrease dressing changes
  • Allows moisture and oxygen vapor transmission, while protecting against infection with a semi-permeable polyurethane film
  • Reduces irritation of sensitive skin with a hypoallergenic adhesive
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Polyskin™ II Transparent Film Dressing, Sterile, 4in x 4-3/4in
Polyskin™ II Transparent Film Dressing, Sterile, 2in x 2-3/4in
Product # 47-6641 47-6640BX
Dressing Type Specialty Specialty
Sterile Yes Yes
Dimensions 4in x 4-3/4in 2in x 2.75in
Brand Polyskin™ Polyskin™