m2® Inc. Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet® (RMT)

Manufacturer: M2 INC
List Price: $44.99 - $46.29 EA
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Manufacturer: M2 INC
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Product description:
The m2® Inc. Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet® (RMT) is designed for continuous training and practice without fear of failure. Simple and intuitive 'gross' motor skill operation. Micro adjustable. 'Self-locking'. Ratcheting sound confirms activation. Industrial strength.
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m2® Inc. Tactical Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet® (RMT)
m2® Inc. Paramedic Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet® (RMT)
Weight 3.4oz 4.2oz
Brand m2® m2®
Dimensions 5.25in L x 1.5in W x 1.25in D 7.5in L x 1.97in W x 1.25in D