SACETT® Suction Above The Cuff Tracheal Tube

SACETT® Suction Above Cuff Endotracheal Tubes features:
  • Blue Line® cuffed tracheal tube features the high-volume, low-pressure SoftSeal® reverse cuff can assist in increasing patient comfort and aids pooling of secretions for aspiration
  • Spring-loaded, one-way valve helps ensure cuff inflation and integrity. The large ergonomic pilot balloon makes it easier to distinguish between the sound of suction and that of a cuff leak
  • Posterior aspiration opening and additional lumen leading to a proximal line for connection to suction sources. The integral lumen reducing risk of potential trauma and risk of infection introduction associated with manual catheter suctioning
  • Clear PVC to allow visualisation of misting and confirm correct placement
  • Yellow coded suction line and connector for easy identification and prevention of accidental cutting.
  • Suction line cap to prevent contaminants entering the lumen when suction is suspended (e.g. during patient transport)
Used as part of a well implemented reduction protocol, CASS has been shown to reduce the incidence of VAP 24-25
Portex® Suction Above the Cuff Tracheal Tube has been optimised for the successful application of CASS for the reduction of VAP incidence.
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