Curaplex® Berman Oral Airway Kits

Manufacturer: CURAPLEX
Manufacturer: CURAPLEX

These convenient airway kits provide several sizes of berman oral airways packaged together in a poly bag or case.

Kit includes:

  • (1) Berman Oral Airway, Infant, Size 00, 40mm
  • (1) Berman Oral Airway, Child, Size 1, 60mm
  • (1) Berman Oral Airway, Small Adult, Size 3, 80mm
  • (1) Berman Oral Airway, Medium Adult, Size 4, 90mm
  • (1) Berman Oral Airway, Large Adult, Size 5, 100mm
  • (1) Berman Oral Airway, X-Large Adult, Size 6, 110mm


  • Color: Multiple
  • Disposable
  • Single Use
  • Available in Poly Bag or Case
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