Medipore™ H Soft Cloth Surgical Tape, 10yd L x 2in W

3M™ Medipore H is a non-woven soft cloth polyester medical tape that is conformable and has a latex-free, and hypoallergenic acrylate adhesive.
  • Extreme Flexibility - Cross and diagonal stretch accommodate potential swelling or distension and allow for increased patient comfort and mobility
  • High breathability - Porous construction allows skin to breathe, helping maintain skin health and reduce irritation
  • Expansive coverage - Excellent choice for covering large body areas, available in a variety of sizes to meet your patient’s specific needs
  • Easy conformability - Soft cloth conforms to body’s contours, even on elbows, knees and other challenging areas
  • Reliable Securement - High strength medical adhesive provides reliable securement on both moist and dry skin
  • Hypoallergenic and not made with natural rubber latex
  • Water resistant
  • Economical and available in single use roll
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