SplashCap™ Wound Irrigation Shield

Manufacturer: BSN MEDICAL INC
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Manufacturer: BSN MEDICAL INC
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Product description:
SplashCap™ is a twist-on wound irrigation shield that allows a clinician to deliver hundreds of milliliters of irrigation fluid directly to a wound in seconds.
  • Faster wound irrigation: Improved productivity and faster turnaround times
  • Safer built-in shield: Reduces risk of needle sticks and splattering when using bottle caps without shields
  • Universal fitting: Fits all major standard saline bottles
  • Better wound care: Standardize wound irrigation procedures in your department
  • High volume: Deliver over 250mL of irrigation fluid in seconds
  • Kid friendly: No scary syringes
  • SplashCap™ advantage over a syringe shield: Time savings, easier to use, no repetitive drawing up the solution and flushing the wound, attach and disconnect the shield to syringe each time, A 20cc syringe = 25 times to deliver 500cc – SplashCap™ can deliver that volume in seconds
  • SplashCap™ advantage over punching a hole in saline cap: Eliminates needle-sticks, eliminates splatter from wound site, less mess
  • SplashCap™ advantage over shields that require their saline bottle: Reduced inventory, less expensive, less storage space required
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