Hand-E™ Hand Hold Device with Retainer Strap, Yellow

The Hand-E™ short-term hand holder was designed by a minnesota EMT after realizing there was no device that would help the first responder maintain control of a non-responsive patient's arms once placed on a spine board. The hands and arms tended to fall off the board making it extremely difficult to navigate through tight areas and/or doorways. Necessity is the mother of invention. and the Hand-E™ is the invention of necessity. The Hand-E™ short-term hand holder incorporates a one-piece polyethylene main body and a rubber retainer. The main body is designed for easy cleaning, light weight, durability and smooth edges. There is a slot on the back of the main body that can be slid onto a strap near the patient's waist, to keep the device and the patient's arms from pulling toward the head. On each end of the device there is a series of notches to seat the rubber retainer into. The rubber retainer can be moved to lower notches to accommodate smaller wrists. On the foot end of the device there is a clip to retain the rubber retainer. The wrist slots accommodate most wrist sizes. Larger wrists are placed sideways into the slots, ulnar side first. Smaller wrists are placed flat, with the palms towards the body.
  • The Hand-E offers many advantages over traditional methods of securing the arms
  • The Hand-E is re-usable, making it a cost effective, multi-use tool that will pay for itself
  • The Hand-E is easy to clean and does not absorb fluids
  • The Hand-E can be placed easily by one person and takes just seconds
  • The Hand-E is not sticky and won't stick to your gloves like tape does
  • The Hand-E allows for quick and easy removal of an arm for checking blood pressures or placing IVS
  • The Hand-E is universally sized to accommodate most patients
  • The Hand-E is brightly colored and easy to spot when you need it
  • The Hand-E is light weight and compact
  • The Hand-E makes moving patients easier
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