Stifneck® Extrication Collars


The original Stifneck® with outstanding motion restriction and optimal sizing. Others may look like the Stifneck® collar, but there's only one original.

Easy to use:
Due to color coded collars and an accurate finger sizing method, sizing collars to patients is easy. The collars provide outstanding motion restriction without hyperextension or limiting access to airway, and an oversized tracheal hole enables pulse checks and advanced airway procedures. The Stifneck® also stores flat for minimal storage requirements.
Correct sizing is critical:
To prevent the worsening of a potential spinal injury, it is vital that the extrication collar is sized correctly.
The Stifneck® Extrication collars are produced as:
  • Four adult sizes:
    • Tall
    • Regular
    • Short
    • No-neck
  • Two pediatric sizes:
    • Pediatric
    • Baby No-Neck
The pediatric sizes also include a rear panel opening for palpitation, ventilation and visualization. The pediatric collars are specially designed to consider the anatomical differences between adults and children.
All of Laerdal’s collars are:
  • MRI
  • Latex free
  • Radiolucent
  • CT- scan compatible
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