Papoose® Infant Immobilizer with PO Front and Pads, Infant Up to 3 Months

Manufacturer: OSSUR AMERICAS
Manufacturer: OSSUR AMERICAS
The Papoose® Infant Immobilizer features a unique design that effectively cradles an infant patient while keeping the head immobilized and the airway and spine aligned. This device allows intimacy with the child and even diaper change, without disrupting head immobilization. For use on patients up to 3 months old in need of temporary immobilization.
  • Securely and gently immobilizes the head and spine in the proper anatomical airway and spinal alignment
  • Occipital shape protects against positional plagiocephaly
  • Allows for continued intimacy between caregiver and child
  • True cervical spine immobilizer for infants up to 3-month
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