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MidKnight® Gloves are designed with a distinct color that masks stains and provides improved framing effect. This is the glove of choice for individuals who demand both quality and protection against day-to-day hazards. Distinctive black color to mask stains. Excellent choice for wet environments. Fully textured for firm and consistent grip.


  • Precise contact requires enhanced tactile sensitivity
  • Provides firm and consistent wet grip due to fully textured design and non-foaming formula
  • Distinctive black color hides stains and provides a contrasting backdrop for identifying lighter colored material
  • Offers a higher tensile strength and flexibility compared to the minimum requirements as set for both ASTM D6319 and EN 455 standards
  • Contains no natural rubber latex and powder-free, to help protect against type I skin allergies and irritation
  • Industries, automotive, emergency medical services, laboratory, law enforcement, life sciences (pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical & medical devices), tattoo artists
  • Chlorinated
  • 3.14in Average palm width
  • 1.5 AQL freedom from holes (Inspection level I)
  • 10 Force at break (N) (Before aging)
  • 11 Force at break (N) (After aging)
  • Standard length cuff
  • Latex (type-I), allergy prevention
  • Anti-static, unlined
  • Exam, medical glove grade
  • Laboratory tests confirm no permeation of Fentanyl gastric acid (vomit) when exposed for up to 240 minutes providing comprehensive protection in overdose situations.

Applications: Analytical testing, biotechnologies, filtration processes, food processing, laboratory analysis and testing, light assembly tasks, light assembly of oil-coated pieces, light duty maintenance, mechanical repairs, paint and spray shops, pharmaceutical manufacturing, patient examination during transport on ems vehicles, protection from blood and other bodily fluids


  • Length: 9.5in
  • Palm: 4.7mil
  • Finger: 5.5mil
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